We are pleased to offer the very best in Health supplements. For the best in Nutrition we offer Standard Process's Whole Food nutritional supplements. Real Vitamins and Minerals from Organic Whole Foods - not factory made synthetic vitamins that your body will not be able to absorb and use. In the Herbal category we are proud to offer Systemic Formulas "The ones that Work". Doc Wheelwright, the founder of Systemic Formulas, took the guessing out of Herbal supplements by measuring the Bio energy of a specific Organ in the body and matching it to similarly energized Herbs. -Creating formulations that are excellent in getting desired results. Also Systemic Formulas, hands down, has the best anti Parasite supplements in the world. As for Homeopathy- we offer Deseret Biologicals, Professional Complimentary, HEEL, and Mediral- a thorough line up that covers all possible needs from Immune system support to Detoxifying protocols for all types of toxins. Please contact the clinic directly for information regarding your nutrition program and ordering. We will be happy to assist you.